Russia's own Los Bananas is known for the variety of styles and genres they incorporate into their sound. Electronics, sludgy guitars, mellow and sad melodies are the most frequent things which come to mind to describe the band's unique approach. Bananas debuted in 1993 as a punk-rock act transforming by the mid-90's into a strong full-metal raging force. Having unleashed several demos and albums into Russian hardcore underground Los Bananas lasted as metal adepts until 2001. Since that time they've been exploring the territories which can be found on the vivid maps of "post-rock". Still remaining heavy, the band developed their style into something much more obscure, yet melodic, and, let's say, long. Experimenting with electronics and incorporating various sources of additional instrumentation such as accordeon, melodica, sax and other, Los Bananas have re-invented their sound now dealing mostly with instrumental music. However in 2005 Los Bananas collaborated with the infamous Russian post-grunge pioneers 7Rasa vocalist Sasha Rastich releasing an EP widely praised by the experimental music fans. Earlier that year another EP ("Supplementary CD for Various Purposes") had its release through the Moscow indie-label INDIE-GO!. Both records sounded mostly like a mixture of guitar-oriented post-rock with clicks'n'cuts electronica. As to the still-heavy side of Los Bananas' music, it finds its reflection on the recent instrumental album entitled "Con il tempo che passa, ricoperta di polvere, la bellezza sfiorita rimane sempre immortale..." which was recorded live and released by INDIE-GO! in autumn, 2006.
Band Members are Roman - 7strings, 6strings, effects, sound producing /// Alex - 6strings /// Max - drums, occasional vocals /// Serge - 5strings /// Eugene - 5strings /// Pavel - computers, samples, soundscapes, accordeon /// Kostya - accordeon, 6strings, keyboards, clarinet /// Serge - basoon /// Max-on-sax - saxophone.

Max-on-sax Serge - basoon Max
Eugene Serge - 5strings Alex
Kostya Pavel Roman
Los Bananas Mexican Bananas promo picture